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Tractor Tree ShearTractor Tree Shear

The Brushshark Tree Shear is like nothing else you can find anywhere!

This patented design, double action tree shear is an absolute must have for clearing heavy brush and small to medium diameter trees. Ideal application is under 1" to 8" diameter. The Brushshark was developed and refined cedar clearing and mesquite clearing ranches in central Texas.

The Brushshark tree shear and brush cutter will work with skid steers manufactured by; Bobcat, Case, Kubota, Gehl, John Deere, Caterpillar, Cat, Deere, Daewoo, Hydra-Mac, JCB, Mustang, Komatsu, New Holland, Scat Track, Melrose, Thomas, Takeuchi, ASV, and many more.

The Brushshark tree shear and brush cutter will work with tractors manufactured by; Kubota, John Deere, Caterpillar, Case, Cat, Deere, Daewoo, Mahindra, New Holland, Bobcat and many more.

Fast Cycle Time

The Brushshark tree shear has a cycle time of 1 second each direction and has 9 cutting stations that operate simultaneously.

Cost Effective Tree Shear

The Brushshark tree shear is designed to work on all skid steers and tractors above 30HP enabling you to use your existing equipment.

Handles With Ease

Hardened Steel construction and relative low speed operation enable this tree shear to work in rocky area with no problems.

Low Maintenance

Unlike high speed rotating equipment that sling debris and wear themselves out, Brushshark's simple tree shear design and rock solid construction is built to last.










  • The Next Generation of Tree Shear

    When it comes time to invest in a tree shear, it is important to take care in selecting the best piece of equipment for the job. Land clearing is a difficult and demanding process, and if you find yourself stuck trying to do your work with inadequate tools you will ultimately end up disappointed. Fortunately, out of all the choices on the market one stands head and shoulders above the rest: the Brushshark. Let's take a look at a few of the key characteristics that make the Brushshark the ideal choice for a tree shear, one fully capable of handling all your rugged tasks ahead.

    • Speedy Rate of Work- Unlike other, slower tree shears, the Brushshark operates in intervals of one second per direction and offers nine simultaneously operating cutting stations to minimize the time it takes to get the job done.
    • Extended Cutting Capability- In order to discourage regrowth and fully destroy stumps that might be left by lesser tree shears, the Brushshark cuts at or below ground level.
    • Simple Clean-up- Rather than fuss with mess left behind by other tree shears, the Brushshark leaves an easily manageable output than can be raked into piles, eliminating the need for other additional equipment.
    • Cycle Options- Whether you'd prefer to manage the cycling from the tractor hydraulic controls or the skid steer or would rather let them cycle automatically, the Brushshark guarantees you will able to control your tree shear with ease.
    • Safe with Rocks- Lesser building materials or an unsafe rate of operation have doomed other tree shears to early breakage, but the Brushshark was designed with these factors in mind to prevent undue damage from rocks and other similar debris encountered in the land clearing process.
    • Ease of Maintenance- While precision engineering and construction guarantee the Brushshark is top amongst tree shears in terms of durability, its design also makes it quite serviceable in the rare instance that a problem should arrive.
    • Bargain Price- In simple terms of bang for your buck, the Brushshark can't be beat. It even works on the smallest tractors and modern skid steer above 30 HP, meaning that those lacking larger equipment don't need to upgrade their equipment before taking advantage of all the best tree shear on the market has to offer.

    Since being introduced to the market in 2003, not a single customer has reported a species of bush or tree that the Brushshark could not handle. It is compatible with most sorts of tractors, and can be mounted on those with steer skid quick attachment plates without additional modification. For tractors that do require further adjustment, such as Branson, Kubota, and John Deere, Brushshark offers to modify your new tree shear to fit.

    When taking into account all the facts listed above, it is obvious that Brushshark is the superior tree shear on the market. Still in doubt? Check out some of the testimonials featured at our site to see how much tree shear users such as you are enjoying their own Brushsharks.

  • The Ideal Skid Steer Brush Cutter

    Land clearing is without a doubt among the most difficult and time-consuming jobs one can tackle, as anyone who has spent an afternoon or two hacking at the undergrowth can tell you. The trees, the stumps, and the brush all add unique challenges to the process, each requiring a different angle or approach to ensure its total removal. In years past this task might necessitate the use of a slew of techniques and equipment and, due to the difficulty of the labor, still fall short of the desired outcome. Fortunately, modern technology has come through yet again, providing a solution that saves both time and effort while performing the job with an unparalleled efficiency. With the advent of the skid steer brush cutter, outdoor laborers found themselves capable of clearing plots quicker and more thoroughly than ever. Subsequent research and development have led to increasingly fine-tuned models, culminating in the finest example of skid steer brush cutting technology to date: the Brushshark.

    The Sturdiest Skid Steer Brush Cutter

    Thanks to its sturdy design and precision construction, the Brushshark is rugged enough to stand up to the task at hand. Its shears are made out of half-inch abrasion resistant plate steel, meaning they will hold up against stubborn foliage and rocks alike. Unlike other skid steer brush cutters that rely on high-speed rotation, the Brushshark employs a slower cycle than guards against potential malfunctions such as those that occur when a piece of debris become lodged in the mechanism. Additionally, Brushshark is built for ease of access, so that in the rare event that it needs to be serviced one can do so with relative ease.

    The Most Efficient Skid Steer Brush Cutter

    Whereas other skid steer brush cutters tend to literally come up short and leave especially low bits of stumps and trees behind, the Brushshark is designed to cut either at or below ground surface level to ensure that even the peskiest bits are dealt with. Nine separate cutting stations operate simultaneously on a one second per direction cycle, guaranteeing the Brushshark will make quick work of whatever you put in front of it. Once the cutting is done, the Brushshark leaves the material ready to be raked and disposed of, eliminating the need for a time-consuming switch to a secondary clean-up attachment.

    Furthermore, in order to optimize its ease of use the Brushshark is designed with the user in mind in . Whether you prefer to operate the cycling manually or allow it to proceed automatically, the Brushshark has you covered.

    The Most Cost-Effective Skid Steer Brush Cutter

    Unlike some skid steer brush cutters that demand a certain size or style of tractor, the Brushshark is functional with a wide range of models, meaning that you can use it without replacing your current equipment. Even for those currently driving tractors with which the Brushshark is not immediately compatible, such as those from John Deere, Branson, and Kubota, there is still hope, as the good folks at Brushshark will modify your purchase to the exact specifications of your current attachment plate.

  • Are You Using the Right Land Clearing Equipment?

    Every spring you set out to look over your land and see what needs to be done and every year you see the same thing. What you see more than anything else is acres of scrub brush and small trees that are threatening to take over the best places for your herds to graze. This means that it is time for you to break out the land clearing equipment and get busy. The bad news is that this is a never ending job and seems to be getting worse every year.

    You have to ask yourself if the chainsaws and brush trimmers you have been using for years are really the best choice in land clearing equipment. You could of course just bring out the Bobcat and strip the land back, but this might end up doing more harm than good. The idea is to clear of the brush and leave the grass and the ground intact for your herd to graze on, if you tear up the ground with your Bobcat, you are going to be left with ground that is unusable until it grows back.

    What Should You Be Looking for in Land Clearing Equipment?

    The question you are probably asking yourself is "what exactly is the right kind of land clearing equipment?" The answer to this really lies in exactly what type of land clearing you are planning to do. If you need to strip the land down to the dirt to plant it or to build on it, a D9 bulldozer will do the job just fine. However if all you really need to do is find a way to cut the brush back and open up the ground for your own use or that of your heard, you need something a little less aggressive.

    For this type land clearing equipment, you might find that the Brushshark is just what you need. This heavy duty brush cutter has been designed to mount the front of you skid steer or tractor and comes in two sizes. The five foot wide model is designed to fit skid steers and tractors rated at 35HP to 60Hp with a five foot wide front end. The six foot model is for bigger units rated at 60HP and up with a six foot wide front end.

    The Brushshark uses hydraulic power supplied by your vehicle to operate the shears on the front of the unit. It can handle cutting through brush and trees up to six inches in diameter easily. You can operate the shears manually or set it on automatic and keep rolling while it turns what used to be a long and backbreaking job into one that takes far less time and actually does a better job.

    Brushshark Ltd. created the Brushshark brush cutter in 2001 and began marketing it in 2003. This system was developed out of the need to be able to speed up the process of clearing large areas of land of smaller diameter trees and brush without having to resort to using chainsaws and hand tools. The Brushshark will clear your land to ground level and make the task simple and efficient.

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