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Why Choose Brushshark?

The Brushshark tree shear is like nothing else you can find anywhere!
This patented design, double action tree shear is an absolute must have for clearing heavy brush and small to medium diameter trees.

The Brushshark was developed and refined clearing cedar trees and mesquite on ranches in central Texas. The ideal application is brush and trees up to 8" diameter.

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Cost Effective

The Brushshark is designed to work on the smallest modern skid steer and tractors above 30HP enabling you to use your existing equipment.

Low Maintenance

Unlike high speed rotating equipment that sling debris and wear themselves out, Brushshark's simple design and rock solid construction is built to last.

Fast Cycle Time

The Brushshark has cycle time of 1 second each direction and has 9 cutting stations that operate simultaneously.

Handles With Ease

Hardened Steel construction and relative low speed operation enable work in rocky area with no problems.

Fence Line Clearing

Brushshark is unsurpassed in fence line clearing. The low profile shear plates enable below bottom wire shearing as deep as 24” on the other side of the fence.
Cut at or Below Ground Level
The Brushshark cuts at or below ground level eliminating stumps and reducing re-growth.
Easy clean up & material management
Push or rake cut material into piles and save the time required to change implements.
On Demand or Auto-Cycle
Control each cycle using the skid steer or tractor hydraulic controls or (optional) engage hydraulics and cycle automatically.