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  • What Are You Using for a Brush Cutter?

    As a land owner you have inevitably battled invasive brush and regrowth invading your pastures, fence lines and under beneficial trees like oaks. Have you given much thought to changing up your routine by using a brush cutter or tree shear? If you are like most ranchers, you probably have a shop filled with chainsaws, handsaws, axes and so forth that get tossed in the truck or on the back of the four wheelers so that you and your crew (if you have one) can spend every spare minute hacking and slashing at the never ending brush. If you had to add up the number of man hours involved in using these types of brush cutter trying to keep the endless brush control, the numbers would amaze you. Then when you have to add in for gas, new chains, band aids and all of the other supplies you go through, it is easy to see where our tree shear will make your life better, for not much money. If you are trying to do the work yourself, you are probably fighting a losing battle.
  • What About Hiring a Professional Brush Cutter Service?

    Since you are viewing our web site, you have come to the realization that your land needs some clearing. One of the first things to consider is whether you want to do it yourself or hire land clearing contractor. The main benefit of having a land clearing contractor, and what you are paying for, is that they own, operate and maintain the equipment and they will generally complete the work in less time than a land owner can. Depending on how much property you have and your time frame, a professional land clearing service my be what decide on. If you do this, they will likely send out a crew with a tree shear and Bobcat or other type of skid steer. However, not all land clearing contractors are created equal and the general rule is you get what you pay for. Be sure to ask for references and have them show you work they have completed. If you have small diameter trees and brush that need to be cut at ground level, thus eliminating the stump, the Brushshark tree shear is the most cost effective piece of equipment on the market for this type of work. If you your contractor doesn’t already own one, please suggest they consider purchasing a Brushshark because it will ultimately save you money by enabling them to get your job done more efficiently.
  • Adding Brush Removal Equipment to Your Inventory

    The more your customers keep spreading out and buying property outside of town, the more overgrown the land they want you to build their new houses on seems to be getting. For the longest time, the only real brush removal equipment you kept on hand for your crews to use was a supply of chainsaws and a Bobcat. While this worked well on those pieces of property where the amount of overgrowth was only moderate, it really is not cutting it as the amounts of brush are steadily increasing. The other thing you have to contend with is the time factor that is involved in using this type of brush removal equipment. On the one hand if you have to pay your crew to do all of the clearing by hand, you are often looking at days of labor costs that are going to have to be figured into your bid or you are going to have to cover them out of your pocket. Yet if you think you are just going to go in there and use the Bobcat to scrape the ground clean, the owner is not going to be very happy.
  • You Need the Right Brush Removal Equipment

    When you are faced with this situation, you need to take a deep breath and look at your options when it comes to having the right brush removal equipment. On the one hand you need equipment that is going to make it easy for your crews to get the land cleared as quickly as possible, with a minimum of fuss and effort. On the other hand you need a way to this that is not going to require you to strip the land bare and upset the new owner. What you need is the Brushshark, an easy to use and extremely effective piece of brush removal equipment that you can mount on the front of your Bobcat or any skid steer or tractor. This attachment is designed to be extremely easy to use and make clearing small to medium brush fast and simple. It has both manual and fully automatic modes so that your crews can quickly cut and clear the land that you are preparing to build the new home on, without tearing up the ground. When it comes to brush removal equipment, you are likely to find that the Brushshark may be the only thing you and your crew will ever use for major clearing jobs. The cutting blades will go through a six inch tree trunk and the push blade is capable of moving a large amount of material to your collection point for removal or shredding. Brushshark Ltd. created the Brushshark brush cutter in 2001 and began marketing it in 2003. This brush removal equipment was developed out of the need to be able to speed up the process of clearing large areas of land of smaller diameter trees and brush without having to resort to using chainsaws and hand tools. The Brushshark will clear your land to ground level and make the task simple and efficient.
  • The Right Brush Clearing Equipment Can Make the Job Easy

    There is nothing like buying a large piece of property to build your ranch on. You finally have the wide open space you need for a herd of cattle or the horses you have always wanted or at least you would have if it weren't for the fact that most of the land is covered with dense brush that is choking out the trees and covering everything. You are going to need some form of brush clearing equipment to help you find the ground underneath. There are many different types of brush clearing equipment you can use to get the job done, starting with an axe and several other hand operated tools. There are two basic problems with trying to clear your land in this manner. First and foremost, depending on how much property you have and how much of it you want to clear, it could take many months of back breaking work to get the job done, time which most of us do not have.
  • Manual Brush Clearing Equipment Is Not the Answer

    Of course you can always hire extra help to run your manual brush clearing equipment, but you could be looking at a sizeable crew and a relatively large financial investment to get the job done. On top of this, if anyone gets hurt in any way, you are going to be responsible for their medical bills, their expenses and maybe more, depending on how badly they are injures. All in all this could become a very expensive way to clear the brush from your property. You could try some of the different hand held types of brush clearing equipment, including chainsaws, brush hogs and so forth. But again you are looking at many hours of back breaking work and you are going to find that there are going to be instances where these tools are not going to be the most appropriate for the types of brush you are trying to clear from your property. You could end up with large areas that cannot be cleared in this manner. There is however an alternative piece of brush clearing equipment that you can use with your tractor or bobcat that will help you to clear your property of the brush that you want to get rid of. The Brushshark will not only help you to remove brush, its hydraulic cutting action will cut through the trunks of small bushes and trees at ground level leaving you with cleared land that you can quickly turn into pasture for your cattle or horses. Brushshark Ltd. began developing our patented Brushshark brush clearing tool in 2001 and began marketing it in 2003. This system was developed out of the need to be able to speed up the process of clearing large areas of land of smaller diameter trees and brush without having to resort to using chainsaws and hand tools. The Brushshark will clear your land to ground level and make the task simple and efficient.