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Developing the Brushshark Tree Shear

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Tree Shear created to solve a problem!

The Brush Shark was developed over several years by Mike Timme.

Timme and his sons make a living clearing brush in Texas hill country.

When they needed something fast and effective, they came up with the double action shear that works like a barber’s clippers.
“Most tree shears are painfully slow and shredders are expensive and hard on tractors,” explains Steve Marshall, Timme’s partner in Brush Shark, Ltd., Austin, Texas.

“There was really nothing on the market to shear off small diameter brush and trees.
The Brush Shark clears large and small stems within 1/2 in. of the ground and does it fast.”
Thanks to the double action, the Brush Shark doesn’t bind up, as it can be stopped and reversed.
Each stroke is controlled manually, cycling it left to right and back by moving the auxiliary control switch back and forth.
Shear plates are made from 1/2-in. Armor steel top and have a 6-in. stroke side to side. Each plate has 9 shear points. It’ll cut brush from 1/4 in. dia. up to 5 in. dia. The entire unit weighs about 700 lbs.

Take a Look at the Brushshark

Marshall says the clipper will work on both skid steers and tractor loaders equipped with universal quick tach plates and a third hydraulic valve. The Brush Shark can operate on as little as 5 gpm hydraulic flow and safely handle up to 30 gpm.
“We already have units out in at least 15 states from New York to California and Texas to Minnesota.

It’s catching on fast,” says Marshall. “We have units out in at least 15 states from New York to California and Texas to Minnesota.

Look at the Brushshark Skid Steer Tree Shear and Brush Cutter Models !

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