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Bobcat Land Clearing

Brushshark Ltd. manufactures and sells the Brushshark. Each Brushshark tree shear is hand fabricated and fitted with hydraulics in Blanco, TX. Our single product focus ensures a high level of product quality and customer satisfaction. Whenever you are talking with someone at Brushshark, you’re talking to an experienced professional with intimate knowledge of land clearing techniques and how our product can be applied to best serve your needs.

The story behind the Brushshark tree shear is a simple one. Development of the Brushshark began in the Texas Hill Country in 2001 and it has been commercially available since 2003. Traditionally, clearing cedar, shin oak, wild persimmon, mesquite, yaupon, and desert willow consisted of a skid steer equipped with a scissor type tree shear for large diameter trees, and a ground hand with loppers or a chain saw cutting the small trees and brush.

Clearing by hand was effective but inefficient and eventually cost prohibitive. Traditional shredders could not be used in areas with rocks. In areas where you could shred, the stump left behind was too tall. Brush and tree shredding was also very hard on the shredder, tractor and operator. Having identified a need for a shear that can efficiently cut smaller trees and brush at ground level and also work in rocky terrain, we set out to develop the Brushshark.