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John S.

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I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I have been enjoying my Brushshark tree shear. It has saved me more time and money than you could ever imagine. The first job I did with it was clean the mesquite out of my 30 acre coastal field. I started with my dad and 2 hired hands chopping the mesquite by hand and stacking it in piles. After 5 days we had about 3 acres cleared and were worn out.

That weekend I saw your display at the Comal County Fair and knew the brushshark would be perfect for cutting mesquite saplings. You delivered one that next week and after 5 more days I had the entire 30 acres free of mesquite and ready to make hay. I calculated the cost of what I was paying my help and I paid for my brushshark after that one job. Now I am using it on our hill country ranch cutting regrowth cedar and other woody brush species.

I am truly amazed at how well it works on the smaller brush. We have been dozing cedar on our place for years but the smaller cedar doesn’t doze that easy, it just bends over. That’s where the brushshark comes to the rescue. It takes out a lot of little cedar in a hurry.

If you ever need to show someone a work in progress or let them practice operating a brushshark, feel free to call me or send them my way. We have 300 more acres of cedar they can practice on. I won’t even charge much for ‘on the job training’.