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I’ve only been intending to e-mail you for 2-3 years to tell you how pleased we are with our Brushshark. AND, the advice you gave me on which size Bobcat to buy. We picked up the Brushshark in Austin and a used S185 in Orange, and made it back to Smithville that night. We were using the Brushshark the next day. It was simple to hook up and operate and one of the most valuable tools on our ranch.

I bought it primarily for clearing brush as you advertise but it’s main use has been clearing dead mesquites after we have sprayed them. They are very difficult to cut with a chain saw and even more difficult to handle by hand when they are cut. The Brushshark cuts them off at ground level and goes on to the next one, pushing the cut ones along as we go.

It also as been great for clearing stock paths and ATV paths, which brings to me another thought; could you custom build a 3′ version for the smaller Bobcats to use for clearing more narrow Motorcycle dirt bike trails? If you could, I may buy a smaller Bobcat on which to use it.