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Maintain Property with a Passion – Selah: Water from Stone

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Maintaining property with a passion

To most of landowners .. maintaining property and managing your ranch – whether a hunting, cattle or recreational ranch – is a constant chore. It is a lot of work that most people underestimate. Having experience with Texas land gave us the impetus to create the Brushshark to help automate the job of tree cutting and brush clearing.

This is why we were so amazed to learn of the fantastic and selfless work done by David Bamberger and a neglected ranch in the Texas Hill Country. He is truly a conservation visionary. Not for profit.. not for personal gain .. David’s efforts are .. in his own words ” Love of the Natural World ” . In this particular case .. he said his driving reason for restoring this land came as a result of thinking: ” What’s my duty as a steward of this ranch land ? I believe it’s to take care of it and share it ”

Ben Masters , a filmmaker, writer, guide, and conservationist has created a wonderful video presentation of the conservation work done by David Bamberger, titled: Selah: Water from Stone. We can’t say it any better and feel you will learn and enjoy this video. Learn more, we’ve included links below to find both David and Ben.

David Bamberger:
Ben Masters:

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